The IANDS Group Websites Project

Now here’s something I’m pretty excited about: I just finished putting up my first two IANDS group websites. These websites have been designed to give local IANDS groups a place where they can post information about their local meetings and special events — and introduce new people to the fascinating, possibly life-changing world of near-death experiences. Each website has the same basic functionality and content. For a small set-up fee, I create a personalized version of this website for a local group, then host it at reduced cost, making it super affordable for them while, at the same time, giving them a professional face to the world. Once their website is up and they have learned how to add basic posts, it’s theirs. They can change the preselected content I have built into it, change the color scheme, even drop on a completely different WordPress template on, if they want to. The first two sites to go live are Sedona IANDS and LA IANDS. San Diego IANDS is next.

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