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The Sedona Community Gardens Network

I launched the Sedona Community Gardens Network in April of 2008. Nine months later, I finally got around to announcing it, inviting people to join, and starting to add content. The network, which was created for “people living in Sedona and our sister communities who are interested in organic gardens, permaculture, sustainability, and community” now has 153 members, 72 great videos, and photos and links to many like-minded people in the Verde Valley.

A few days ago, our Ning-based social network was joined by a sister network on Facebook. While our Ning network provides a place where people can get to know one another, post videos, photos, and music, and engage in discussions, our Facebook network is mostly for getting information out quickly to interested people.

If you live in Sedona or one of our sister communities, you can join our Ning network; you can join our Facebook network no matter where you live! Come take a look…

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