Rebecca Martin’s Near-Death Experience

Turns out that Susannah Martin’s mother, Rebecca, had a near-death experience when she was 39 years old. While visiting her daughter in early June, Rebecca agreed to sit down with me for a few minutes so I could make a quick video of her describing her experience. Now 72, Rebecca Martin, PhD, is an author, educator, counselor, and certified hypnotherapist. She has spent 30 years teaching and facilitating seminars, workshops, retreats, and international “Sacred Sites” pilgrimages for academic, business, and medical professionals, as well as the general public. Dr. Martin has numerous audio programs for healing and growth, and is an instructor and practitioner of T’ai Chi. She authored and developed the psycho-physiological training and certification program known as REGENESIS. Dr. Martin’s philosophy is based on the principles of mindfulness, compassion, and self-mastery. Her website is located here: For more information about near-death experiences (and related topics), visit NHNE’s Near-Death Experience Network:

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