Connolly’s Farmers Markets

I’m very interested in helping local communities grow more of the food they eat, rather than relying on corporations to grow it for them and ship it from half a world away.  For me, this has included promoting permaculture, organic food, local farmers, community gardens, and private gardens. In Sedona, I created The Sedona Community Gardens Network, and Sedona Community Gardens Facebook Page. Last year, I helped Bruce Connolly, of Connolly’s Farmers Markets, get his community-minded market off the ground by creating a website for him, which now features weekly posts about new — mostly local and organically grown — products. An online mailing list and Facebook Page are also connected to the website. Bruce’s website is located here. His Facebook page is located here. And if you would like to receive updates whenever new updates are added to Bruce’s website, go here.

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