While David Sunfellow is the creative spark behind Sunfellow Productions, a trusted team of family and friends regularly lend their time, talent, and expertise. Here’s some quick biographical information about David and the main folks that work with David on a regular basis.


David Sunfellow


The father of four (three daughters and one son), David has worked for many years in Sedona’s wedding industry as a professional photographer/videographer. He founded the Sedona Wedding Professionals Association, and currently serves as its president. David is also the founder and president of NHNE (New Heaven New Earth), a 501(c)3 educational non-profit, and the driving force behind numerous social networks, including several committed to personal growth, community building, sustainable practices, and healing the planet. The websites, blogs, galleries, and social networks linked in the right hand column of this website showcase some of the projects David is currently involved with.


Alexandra Fraser

alexandraAlexandra has strong management, organization, computer and people skills, having worked for both businesses and non-profits. She is the founder and president of a local non-profit organization, The Mustard Seed Venture (vist the website; visit the social network), and does freelance work for both businesses and individuals, including life coaching. She also works part-time in the office at Fortucast Market Timing. Alexandra has lived in Sedona for over 20 years, and has a son at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her job with Sunfellow Productions includes working with our wedding couples, helping them purchase their photos post-production. She also helps build WordPress-based websites and Ning-based social networks, and either manages them, or trains our clients on how to manage them. A gifted and multi-talented people-person, Alexandra is the Production Manager for Sunfellow Productions.


Jeremia Sunfellow


Jeremia is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in Religious Studies and minor in Spanish. She has worked numerous jobs, including as a part-time as a house mother for developmentally handicapped young men in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Along with her partner, John Rodger, Jeremia is currently involved in running the Verde Cellars in Camp Verde — an “eco-aware, family-friendly watering hole for great food, fine drink, live music, games, movies, and more”. A talented artist, Jeremia also designs wedding albums for Sunfellow Photography and serves as the webmaster and behind-the-scenes magic maker for John Rodger Photography. Jeremia also enjoys traveling (especially in Spanish-speaking countries), swimming, kayaking, camping, books, and movies.


John Rodger

Anothjohner graduate of Northern Arizona University, John has a degree in Photography and minor in Parks & Recreation Management. He has his own wedding photography business – John Rodger Photography — and shoots large weddings with David. When the need arises, John also shoots special events with David, such as the 2007 Sedona Marathon. Like Jeremia, John enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with family and friends. He speaks Spanish and, along with Jeremia, has spent time traveling in various Spanish-speaking countries. John is also very busy running the Verde Cellars with Jeremia.


Bruce Fraser

bruceA professional cameraman, editor, and former webmaster for SedonaTV, Bruce often helps out as a second camera on video shoots for Sunfellow Productions. Bruce also brings to the table an expertise in video compression, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. He’s worked with David on a wide range of projects, including weddings, demo videos, and community events, large and small. Bruce is also a long-time resident of Sedona and the father of a college-aged son.