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The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth


The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth now has it’s own website. This new website will serve as home base for NHNE’s near-death experience efforts. Come check it out…

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Sedona Raw Wedding Video


Just launched a new small business: Sedona Raw Wedding Video. Along with continuing to photograph small weddings, I will also be offering inexpensive, full quality HD video for couples who want their special day filmed. Come take a look!

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St. Andrew’s


Just finished rebuilding St. Andrew’s website from the ground up. Come take a look…

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New Wedding Photos


I am constantly adding new photos to my wedding website. To see what’s new, go here and here and here and here.

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MSV-NHNE Community Center Website


The Mustard Seed Venture – NewHeavenNewEarth Community Center website is now up and running. This is the most feature-rich website I have built to date. It comes complete with a calendar, multiple slide shows, and is full of GREAT content. Come take a look…

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New Website: Dr. James Nourse


Just finished creating a new website for Dr. James Nourse (“Dr. Jim” as his patients call him). Jim specializes in clinical psychology, Jungian psychoanalysis, Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Holotropic Breathwork, Ho‘oponopono, and shamanic practices. Come check it out…

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NHNE’s New YouTube Channel

I’m delighted to announce that NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) now has a non-profit channel on YouTube. Along with being a channel that is dedicated exclusively to NHNE content, having Google non-profit status also allows us to collect donations. More importantly, this channel is now one of the best places on the internet to view near-death experience videos. I currently have four NDE play lists posted on this channel, each of which includes some of the best-of-the-best NDE videos ever created. Come check it out…

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