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Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona


For a Christmas present this year, my kids rented a jeep and took me out for a ride on one of Sedona’s most challenging jeep trails: Broken Arrow Trail. John Rodger, who drives for Pink Jeep Tours, showed us the ropes and then Shawna and I took the wheel and crawled up and down several hair-raising trails. John, Jeremia, Shawna, and Rayel shared the adventure with me. This was the first time I have ever driven a jeep in such challenging terrain. The trails we tackled are known by such colorful names as “The Road of No Return.”

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By now you have no doubt heard of Google+. Is it “the next big thing” many net watchers are saying it is? Is it really going to give Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn a run for their money?

I’m betting it is — and I’m putting my money where my mouth is by establishing a base camp on Google+ that I expect will eventually replace many of the other networks I am currently located on. Why? Aaron Saenz, a Senior Editor for The Singularity Hub, speaks for me when he writes:

“My personal journey in social media has me re-evaluating what all of us are doing on these networks anyway. Why are we here? I think the answer is: for every possible reason you can imagine. Business, pleasure, reading, writing, finding new friends, looking at photos…I mean it’s really about having an entire digital life inside an ever evolving digital ecosystem. Like any organism, I think social media needs to adapt or die. Google+ is doing that. It’s making itself as flexible as it can, as controllable as it can, and as easy as it can. My social network was compartmentalized, and Google+ lets me put all those compartments in one place. When I want to share with friends, I use my friends circle on Google+ (good-bye Facebook). When I want to network with business associates, I do that through a different circle (good-bye LinkedIn). When I want to share information openly with people who follow me, I just make my posts public (good-bye Twitter). I’m slowly migrating photos (good-bye Flickr and Facebook), and all my videos are ready to view when I want them (good to see YouTube’s only a click away)…”

Will I see you there?

Here’s where you can find me:

When you get there, be sure to visit my About Page. I just finished adding a few of my favorite quotes and gobs of great links.

I’ve also created a special page on NHNE Pulse for folks who want to learn more about Google+. Called The Google+ Project, this page is full of Google+ articles, videos, tutorials, cheat sheets, cartoons, browser plugins, and more. If you’re someone who wants to learn why so many people are excited about this new network — or, more to the point, learn how to use it — this page is a gold mine. Come check it out…

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Kudos Ad & Canvas Print

Crunch time for SWPA wedding pros who are running ads in the extra-special Sedona Bridal Fair pullout that Kudos will be printing for us. February 16th is the publication date. Here’s the ad I am running for Sunfellow Photography.

Canvas prints of this gorgeous image are also available through my Fine Art America gallery.

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Dazzling Wallpapers

Looking for some cool wallpapers to add to your computer desktop? I’ve been featuring some of my favorites on my photo blog. Come take a look.

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