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Hike To The Top Of Sphinx Rock in Sedona, Arizona


A five minute video showcasing a hike to the top of Sphinx Rock, which is one of Sedona’s most dangerous and challenging summits. This is NOT a hike to attempt unless you know what you are doing and are hiking with others who are experienced red rock climbers.

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The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth


The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth now has it’s own website. This new website will serve as home base for NHNE’s near-death experience efforts. Come check it out…

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Sedona Raw Wedding Video


Just launched a new small business: Sedona Raw Wedding Video. Along with continuing to photograph small weddings, I will also be offering inexpensive, full quality HD video for couples who want their special day filmed. Come take a look!

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St. Andrew’s


Just finished rebuilding St. Andrew’s website from the ground up. Come take a look…

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New Wedding Photos


I am constantly adding new photos to my wedding website. To see what’s new, go here and here and here and here.

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MSV-NHNE Community Center Website


The Mustard Seed Venture – NewHeavenNewEarth Community Center website is now up and running. This is the most feature-rich website I have built to date. It comes complete with a calendar, multiple slide shows, and is full of GREAT content. Come take a look…

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Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona


For a Christmas present this year, my kids rented a jeep and took me out for a ride on one of Sedona’s most challenging jeep trails: Broken Arrow Trail. John Rodger, who drives for Pink Jeep Tours, showed us the ropes and then Shawna and I took the wheel and crawled up and down several hair-raising trails. John, Jeremia, Shawna, and Rayel shared the adventure with me. This was the first time I have ever driven a jeep in such challenging terrain. The trails we tackled are known by such colorful names as “The Road of No Return.”

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