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Compelling NDE Stories

I posted this video clip on the Sunfellow Productions YouTube channel today. It features a man named Chris Markey describing his near-death experience. Chris appeared in Episode 5 of the Biography Channel’s “I Survived… Beyond & Back” series. For more information about this important series, go here.

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The Connolly’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday, November 27th, I had the pleasure of photographing Bruce and Suzanne Connolly’s 50th wedding anniversary! It took place at Enchantment Resort and featured a delightful 50’s rock and roll band called “Come Back Buddy!!” (pictured above). You can find color photos from this special event posted here, and black and white photos posted here. Aside from celebrating the achievement of being together for 50 years, what impressed me most was the beautiful comments and stories Bruce and Suzanne’s six children shared during the event. And, of course, the music and dancing!

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