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Connolly’s Farmers Market In Sedona

I just finished creating this video for Connolly’s Farmers Market. I shot the footage today and finished editing it this evening.  The doors open Saturday, September 25th. If you have fruit and veggies that you would like to make available to the larger community, contact Bruce Connolly at 928-300-6586. I also put up a website for Bruce, which is located here. Helping Bruce get his dream off the ground is another step towards building community and helping Sedona and the Verde Valley produce enough organic, locally-grown food to feed ourselves. Other projects include The Sedona Community Gardens: on Ningon Facebook. I’ve also been helping spread the sustainable bug in Tucson by helping Zenhens with their website.


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The 2010 Sedona Celtic Harvest Festival

I photographed and videotaped portions of last year’s Celtic Harvest Festival — and will be returning to cover the event this year. This year’s festival will take place Saturday, September 25th, at the Tequa Festival Marketplace. To see my coverage of last year’s event (photos and videos), go here. To visit the Festival’s website, go here.

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I’m really glad that I can be a part of great projects like this one: Zenhens! Zenhens is the brainchild of Cathy Blough who lives in Tucson. Her vision? Here’s how she describes it on the new Zenhens website:

Zenhen’s goal is to produce happy, healthy backyard chicken flocks.  We believe that local foods taste better and are healthier for us and the planet. Zenhens is a local Tucson co-op group that collects eggs to sell at local farmers markets, as well as composted chicken manure that we make into compost tea.

“Our core values and theme is that as much as we produce we should strive to compost or recycle. Whether it’s our food, our clothes or our technological necessities, Zenhens is always asking how was it produced, and how will it be laid to rest?

“We believe that everyone should be paid a living wage for what they do. That to produce something someone needs, doesn’t destroy, deplete or add toxins to anyone’s environment. This isn’t always easy or cheap or give everyone immediate gratification. Our gratification is knowing that what we do we do with conscious intention. That goes for eating the foods we eat, traveling, and mindful consumption…”

What’s my role in all this? 1. Create and help fine-tune the Zenhens website; 2. Help spread the word…

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Sedona Winefest Flyer

The photos that Mel Russell and I shot for the September 25th and 26th Sedona Winefest festival are beginning to hit the street. Here’s a flyer for the Winefest featuring one of the images I shot (click on the image to see a larger version). Previous posts on this adventure are located here: Sedona Winefest Photoshoot – Photos and Sedona Winefest Photoshoot – Video.

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