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NHNE Pulse Gets Facelift

NHNE Pulse recently suffered a malware attack. What that means is that someone — or, more likely, some bot —  penetrated the Pulse website and inserted some bogus code, which redirected visitors to known malware websites. One of the reasons this happened is because I wasn’t keeping the plugins and template on Pulse updated as frequently as I should have. All that’s changed now. Along with changing passwords, updating everything, and employing the services of VaultPress to help backup and secure the site, NHNE Pulse also received a major facelift. Come take a look…

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Dazzling Wallpapers

Looking for some cool wallpapers to add to your computer desktop? I’ve been featuring some of my favorites on my photo blog. Come take a look.

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Bell Rock Wedding Photos

I just finished adding a few photos to the Bell Rock section on my photo website. The photos come from Sherry and Jacob’s August 6th wedding. The light was perfect. The bride was beautiful, easy-going, and spunky. Everything flowed. The Bell Rock section is located here. More photos from this wedding are posted here. Thanks to Andrew Murphy of Heart of Sedona Weddings for making this wedding possible.

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Sedona Winefest Photoshoot – Photos

The photos from the Sedona Winefest Photoshoot are now posted. You can find a gallery of all the images posted here; and a gallery of a few of my favorites posted here.

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Near-Death Resources, Websites, Networks

Those of you who have been following my work know that I have been getting increasingly involved in studying, reporting on, and creating online resources to support the serious exploration of near-death experiences and related phenomena. Here’s a quick list of the resources, networks, and websites I have created to date:

NHNE’s NDE Resource Center & Social Network
• NHNE Near-Death Experiences Resource Page
NHNE NDE on Facebook
NHNE NDE on Twitter
IANDS Group Leaders Network
NHNE Near-Death Bookstore
Sedona IANDS
San Diego IANDS
South Bay IANDS
Beverly Brodsky

A list of outstanding primers and recommended books are listed in the left-hand column of NHNE’s NDE Network. NHNE’s NDE Network also contains an outstanding collection of videos, most of them first-person testimonials. A list of local groups that are gathering to study near-death experiences (and related phenomena) are listed in the left-hand column of the IANDS Group Leaders Network. Finally, all the websites I have been creating for small groups associated with IANDS (the International Association for Near-Death Studies), including Sedona IANDS, contain a quick list of outstanding resources listed under the “Resources” menu.

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