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Sedona Winefest Photoshoot – Video

On July 26th, fellow Photographer Mel Russell and I did a photo shoot for the upcoming Sedona Winefest Festival. Our goal was to create an image that Kudos would be interested in using for a cover. Shondra Thomas-Jepperson, one of the event organizers, asked me to do the shoot and set things up with Lisa Dahl of Dahl & DiLuca’s acting as our model. Lisa shared the spotlight with a vintage Rolls Royce and Sedona’s famous Red Rock Biplane. The following 3-minute video chronicles the event. I’ll post a few finished images in another blog…

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The Sedona Community Gardens Network

I launched the Sedona Community Gardens Network in April of 2008. Nine months later, I finally got around to announcing it, inviting people to join, and starting to add content. The network, which was created for “people living in Sedona and our sister communities who are interested in organic gardens, permaculture, sustainability, and community” now has 153 members, 72 great videos, and photos and links to many like-minded people in the Verde Valley.

A few days ago, our Ning-based social network was joined by a sister network on Facebook. While our Ning network provides a place where people can get to know one another, post videos, photos, and music, and engage in discussions, our Facebook network is mostly for getting information out quickly to interested people.

If you live in Sedona or one of our sister communities, you can join our Ning network; you can join our Facebook network no matter where you live! Come take a look…

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YouTube Channel Gets Facelift

The Sunfellow Productions YouTube Channel got a facelift today. Come take a look.

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Verde Cellars On YouTube

Just finished setting up a channel on YouTube for Verde Cellars — and uploading a bunch of videos I shot on their Sunday, June 11th, Open Mic Night. Here is my favorite: Lance Garrett playing a song he wrote and sent to Elvis Presley — Memphis Burn…

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New Gallery On Fine Art America

Looking to purchase some inspiring, high-quality, off-the-beaten-path prints? With a nudge from friend and fellow Sedona photographer Bob Coates, I created a gallery of some of my favorite images on Fine Art America. Along with providing customers with a variety of print options, including wall-sized canvass prints (my favorite), Fine Art America also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all the prints they produce. They also have a very fast turnout time: they ship whatever prints are ordered within three days! Come take a look.

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Sunfellow Photo Blog

Whether you are a pro, semi-pro, or fun-loving amateur, if you love photography and/or video, and want to keep up with the coolest photo-video trends, come check out my photo blog. Along with regularly featuring stunning photos and videos, there is gobs and gobs of information about everything from the newest wiz-bang hardware and software, to great ideas for putting this stuff to work for you in the real world. Come take a look…

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