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New Photos Added To Photo Website

Just finished adding a bunch of new photos to the Sunfellow Photography website. If you haven’t visited in a while, come take a look

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Dynamite Divas Photo Shoot

Did a photo shoot yesterday with the Dynamite Divas — Jeanie Carroll, Susannah Martin, and Shondra Jepperson. You can find a few of my favorites posted in the portrait section of my photo website. All the photos from the shoot are posted here. Their next performance is Friday, June 4th, 7PM, at the Creative Life Center. For more information, go here. How did the Divas feel about the shoot?

“David, thanks so much for your wonderful work with the Divas. You are a prince! You took some wonderful shots of us — and had great ideas to make this happen. We’ll definitely get some great use out of these!” — Susannah

“OMG, LOVE it! You are THE BEST!!! Such a very rare occasion for me — a ‘photo shoot’. I’m usually the one behind the camera…. or running from it! :-)” — Jeanie

“WOW-WEE!!! LOVE these photos you took of us Divas! We had a such a great time doing the shoot with you and you truly captured that! Thank you David. You are AWESOME!!” — Shondra

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Impressive Film Shot On Canon 5D

Here’s a post that marries three big interests of mine: photography, movie-making, and near-death experiences. The film is called “The Last 3 Minutes” and it was made by Shane Hurlbut using a Canon 5D! The first video is the film (five minutes long). The next two videos describe how the film was made.

Concerning near-death and shared death experiences, I encourage you to visit NHNE NDE, which is a network I created for people interested in exploring these important topics.




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